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It’s SALA Exhibition time – Meet our Kangaroo Island artists

For those who have not yet discovered our SALA 2022 exhibition How Do We Love Thee? Let Us Count The Ways… Kangaroo Island To Distant Shores, it’s that time again – time to immerse yourself in more than 150 new works from the island’s best artists at Adelaide’s National Wine Centre!

The exhibition runs from 6th to 28th August, 2022 and got off to an wonderful start with the Official Opening event at Adelaide’s National Wine Centre on Sunday 7th of August.

You’ll find an amazing array of work from 23 of Kangaroo Island’s finest artists – everything from traditional works through fabric and found art sculpture and art photography to the most exquisite jewellery and much, much more.

Painting by Sara Hourez on exhibit - albatross, one wing down, in relief against deep ochre red background. Sea depicted in bright abstract waves of blue, green, purple and turquoise.

More than 150 new works from these sought-after artists:

Audrey Harnett, Cecilia Gunnarsson, Dave Clarke, Deborah Odell, Fred Peters, Gay De
Mather, Jane Evans, Janet Ayliffe, Jennifer Macauley, Kathryn Lewis, Kenita Williamson, Maggie
Welz, Melanie Leŝ, Merril Hansen, Michele Lane, Mishka Ammann, Patti Blucher, Peggy Rismiller,
Quentin Chester, Rose Walker, Rosemary Whitehead, Sara Hourez, Steve Morvell

Image: Grey Headed Albatross, Sara Hourez

Final Week
Exhibition Open

  • Sunday 21st August

    Artist Walk & Talk ~ Mishka Ammann

  • Monday 22nd August


  • Tuesday 23rd August

    Artist Walk & Talk ~ Cecilia Gunnarsson

  • Wednesday 24th August


  • Thursday 25th August


  • Friday 26th August


  • Saturday 27th August


  • Sunday 28th August

    Artist Walk & Talk ~ Fred Peters

For more about the exhibition and our amazing artists visit the SALA Festival website here.

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