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Celebrating Kangaroo Island Artists

A fine art gallery filled with the work of outstanding Kangaroo Island artists. What could be more surprising than to find such a stunning array of high-quality art pieces lovingly curated within a traditional white wall gallery on Kangaroo Island? Perhaps coming to understand the special place the island itself holds in the creative process for every artist whose work is on exhibit here.

Kangaroo Island is home to many amazing Australian artists and we are privileged to exhibit works from some of this country's most famous contemporary artists, print makers and jewellery designers. Among the works on display at Fine Art Kangaroo Island you will find originals and fine art reproductions by artists whose work is held in the National Gallery of Australia such as Janet Ayliffe and Jenny Clapson. Other renowned Australian artists whose work you will find in our gallery include Landscape painters Caroline Taylor, Michelle Lane and Neil (Shep) Sheppard (dec) along with highly decorated art photographer Quentin Chester.

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Fine Art Kangaroo Island holds works for more than 50 artists whose connection to Kangaroo Island is a driving force behind the soul-stirring pieces they produce. Among those you may recognise are Neil Sheppard (dec.), Michele Lane, Quentin Chester, Diana Keir (dec.), Cecilia Gunnarsson and Silvio Apponyi. But the excitement doesn't stop with the names you may recognise. From emerging artist to Waterhouse prize winner, every artist in this gallery has earned their place. You'll find all of our Kangaroo Island artists listed in Exhibiting Artists

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Photo Credit: Dean Wiles, Pete Nash, Rose Ayliffe, Sean McGowan, Quentin Chester, Authentic Kangaroo Island and exhibiting artists.